We firmly believe that in order to effectively assist our clients achieve their goals we need to do 3 things:

number1Reach our clients where they are.

number2Help them craft a strategy to get them where they want to go.

number3Create a support structure to help them do it.



We assess client ability in multiple environments to gain valid insights to effectively plan for successful transitions.
Areas of assessment can include:

Educational  •  Career  •  Independent living  •  Social  •  Self advocacy

Our clients receive support in the following areas:

Transition services
• Planning and implementing successful, client driven transition plans
• Making connections with adult service providers, post secondary placements, as well as colleges and universities
• Adult service provider advocacy and case management
• Educational advocacy and case management
• Identifying the characteristics of the client’s most successful environment
• Creating specific tactics and support for the transition from high school to college or career placements

Career Exploration, Career Planning, and Job Coaching
• Explore core values which direct successful career outcomes
• Discover career goals
• Research career fields to support realistic career goals (job market, certifications needed, essential skills, etc.)
• Creating and refining explicit and targeted resumes that highlight client strengths
• Assist in gaining job placements that enhance the client’s strengths
• Learning supports throughout job training

Drop-In Independent Living Support
• Assistance with organization
• Designing a working plan for banking and bill management
• Organizational systems for budgeting
• Methods for the management of household chores

Diversity consulting
• Defining work place proceedures that capitalize on the varied strengths of diverse workers
• Expressing clear expectations and standards
• Motivational strategies
• Creating positive environments to increase work efficiency and collaboration
• Multi modal training techniques to increase employee productivity through increased comprehension

We can provide our services in person, over the phone, and through emails, FaceTime, or Skype.

Because of our many connections in the fields of education and adult service providers, if we cannot help you, we will help you find someone who can.

But don’t take our word for it, read our testimonials.


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