Possibilities Not Disabilities


Diverse thinkers are people who see the world with a creative perspective unrestricted by neuro-typical convention. We think differently. We operate differently. We create differently. In short, we fill in the gaps that typical minds leave empty. Learning differences, ADHD, autism, mental illness, and physical differences are our strength, not our weakness. Through our struggles, we are forced to ask hard questions about who we are, what we are made of, and what we are willing to do to be successful. We can use this to create a thoughtful and meaningful drive to actualize change, to stay motivated to put the work in even when it is hard, and appreciate the small victories that become big ones. It is our steel, it is our momentum.

We are a population that requires very little investment to provide a very big return. Unfortunately, we are often underserved because the system doesn’t “get us.” The system focuses on our deficits which creates a learned helplessness instead of targeted support focusing on utilizing our strengths so we can contribute to society.

Next Level Transition Consulting is a company for diverse thinkers by diverse thinkers. We empower diverse thinkers to create diverse solutions. We do this through setting career, social, executive functioning, and independent living goals while creating coping strategies based on a client’s strengths, core values, and career market research. Simply put, we figure out what you need and help you get it.

This blog will provide a monthly platform to share ideas, strategies, tools, motivation, and success from other diverse thinkers and professionals who support us.

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